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Supported Employment

Businesses need dependable and motivated employees. Deaf individuals need positive, supportive employers. The Lexington Vocational Services Center, established in 1987, has earned a national reputation for excellence by offering a comprehensive range of supported employment programs for employees who are Deaf and the businesses that hire them. These supported programs include:
  • Assessment of an individual's skills and development of a supported work placement plan.
  • Job Development - matching jobs to the individual's abilities, interests and vocational goals.
  • Placement of an Employment Specialist during the first phase of employment to assist with training.
  • Provision of extended services to the worker and the employer for the entire duration of employment to ensure that the relationship between employer and employee continues to be a positive one.
Employers and employment candidates may look to the Lexington Vocational Services Center as they would an employment agency, however, without any fee to the employer or the Deaf applicant. Our program provides support to both the employer and the employee in a variety of ways. Whether you are a prospective employer or employee, we look forward to helping you cultivate and maintain a rewarding and productive relationship. Lexington Vocational Services partners with hundreds of companies throughout the New York and New Jersey area to provide a pool of capable workers who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing.